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Late fic [27 Sep 2006|08:55am]

[ mood | doing her modly best ]

Almost all of the stories are in, now. Thanks for participating, everyone!

The grace period is now over, and there are still a few people from whom I have not heard at all.

(jadecanary and youngest_one, please let me know if you are planning to submit your stories. I'll be assigning pinch-hitters if I don't hear from you.)

I apologize to the three of you who haven't got your stories yet.

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On the Care and Keeping of Sorcerers for Sabine [Strange/Clea, PG-13] [26 Sep 2006|10:43pm]

Title: On the Care and Keeping of Sorcerers
Author: scoured
Recipient: Sabine (sabinelagrande)
Request: Dr. Strange/Clea, precanon
Rating: PG-13

Author's Notes: I am so sorry about how late this is. There is no excuse.

Huge thanks to Aaron, for betaing and brainstorming.

On the Care and Keeping of SorcerersCollapse )
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Beginnings for st_aurafina [24 Sep 2006|08:18pm]

Title: Beginnings
For: st_aurafina
Request: The founding of Carlos's school, or how he formed the J-Men.
Word Count: 1,150
A/N: I do not have enough apologies for this being late: I just got back from a trip, I was 2000 words into another prompt that I knew wasn't going to get done in anything resembling time so I started another way, way too late, but at the core is - I suck. So apologies, but it's finally here. Erk.

BeginningsCollapse )
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Visitations [Enrique and Carlos, PG] [23 Sep 2006|03:00pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

Title: Visitations
Author: Apathy
Recipient: Josh (youngest_one)
Request: Enrique as a priest.
Disclaimer: They belong to Marvel, Gaiman, et cetera.
Rating: PG

Notes: This kind of went off on a tangent from the original request, and I didn't have time to write a second story that followed the request precisely, for which I apologise. I am more than happy to write a short story that's closer to the request, if the recipient wants. ;)

If anyone spots any mistakes or inaccuracies, please feel free to point them out, so I can correct them.

VisitationsCollapse )

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[23 Sep 2006|12:41am]

I am so sorry! I though today was yesterday, and then my mom wanted to go out(you try denying the woman anything!) and I am so sorry! Here it is!

Title:The Waterfall

Recipient: shadowenmagic

Author: revelininsanity

Summary: I went with request number 3, something with mutants and Nigtcrawler, after canon. I hope you like it!

Rating: G

The WaterfallCollapse )
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[22 Sep 2006|09:57pm]

Title: Katia's Journey
Recipient: penknife
Request: Kitty Pryde meets either Enrique or Javier (or both).

Katia's JourneyCollapse )
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Ficlets! [22 Sep 2006|09:29pm]

Title: Morning
Author: quenya_tattoo / beaubier
Summary: Werner wasn’t the only one touched by the loss of Jean.
Recipient: silver_apples
Request: Angel and Iceman (slash or friendship-- I went with friendship with overtones...)
Disclaimer: Marvel 1602 and all its characters are the properties of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. 1602 was conceived and written by Neil Gaiman, after the genius of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. I just wish I was as cool as those guys. Don’t sue me, I’m just having fun.
Rating: PG
Notes: This takes place near the beginning of issue #8, the morning before the J-Men head out on the little boat to stop Enrique and gain an audience with him at sea (and, you know freeze his ship). Just after their initial arrival at Roanoke, and after Jean Grey’s funeral at sea. I owe doublel27 my firstborn for the last minute beta duties.

'Tis a strange thing...Collapse )

And because I'm insane, I tried to do another of your requests-- the one I was least likely to have thought of for myself, and least likely to have done... er... well. Still I cannot resist a challenge... so...


Title: Soldier's Poem
Author: quenya_tattoo / beaubier
Summary: Niccolo Fury, formerly Her Majesty’s Intelligence, more recently hunted by His Majesty’s Operatives in the New World, wakes to find himself in a dystopian future. The future belonging to one Steve Rogers—a man he’s come to know only as Rojhaz, protector of Virginia Dare, first child born to English settlers in the New World. He’s sacrificed himself for his universe. But can Steve do the same?
Recipient: silver_apples
Request: Captain America and Fury back in the future
Disclaimer: Marvel 1602 and all its characters are the properties of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. 1602 was conceived and written by Neil Gaiman, after the genius of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. I just wish I was as cool as those guys. Don’t sue me, I’m just having fun.
Rating: PG
Notes: This takes place immediately following the events of 1602, issue #8, when Niccolo Fury and Steve Rogers (Rojhaz) are taken from the year 1602 and sent back to the time from which Steve had come in the first place. There are spoilers within for the entirety of the 1602 run. The title “Soldier’s Poem” was gleaned from a Muse song of the same name. I owe doublel27 my firstborn for the last minute beta duties.

Bonus Fic!Collapse )
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[22 Sep 2006|06:55pm]

Title: Clearing the Air
Author: jezrana

AN: Request was Angel and Cyclops, friendship or romance. It ended up pretty firmly friendship, mostly because I think if I were going to write slash in this universe, I'd need more time to develop it than I ended up with in this story. Post-canon.

Read more...Collapse )
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I think I'll just go kill myself now. [22 Sep 2006|06:11pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Why did I sign up for 2 ficathons? 

Oh, right. Because I'm insane.

Title: On awaking from Meditation
Author: ethereal_vision
recipient: jezrana
Characters: Carlos Javier, Enrique, Scotius  
Rating: pg  13
Summary: Carlos and Enrique plan for a future that Scotius destroys.

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OMG I finished! [22 Sep 2006|05:06pm]

Title: Awakening
Author: aphrodite_mine
Summary: She will always rise again.
Recipient: jadecanary
Request: Phoenix, the New World school
Disclaimer: Marvel: 1602 belongs to Stan Lee and Neil Gaiman. The italic portions are meant to quote/echo the voice over of the short film "The Perfect Human" by Jorgen Leth. Neither of these are mine, I am merely using them for this story. Thanks to chachirinoda for the Phoenix info and beta.
Rating: PG-13

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Strange/Fury for Ion, "Briefly Damned" [22 Sep 2006|04:19pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Briefly Damned
Author: shadowen
Recipient: ion_bond
A/N: This is well under the word limit, and I apologize, but it's the best I could do.

...he knows that this vision, at least, is real.Collapse )


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"The Last Unwedded Nights of Sir Robert Gadlen" - for Lilacsigil [22 Sep 2006|05:04pm]

Title: The Last Unwedded Nights of Sir Robert Gadlen
Author: newredshoes
Recipient: lilacsigil
Characters: Psylocke, Blob, Hob Gadling (The Sandman); Mystique, Husk, a cameo here and there
Rating: PG-13ish for sex, violence, and theatrics
Word Count: 3,086
Summary: Psylocke - does an English lady of good breeding want to become a warrior in 1602? How does she fight? And for what cause? A groom and a bride take up certain tasks the evening before they are wed. Many apologies to the corpus of Elizabethan drama. Thanks to Abby for the beta.

Well, damn my lying face and tongue! Here’s a thing to tickle the wits.Collapse )
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[22 Sep 2006|04:02pm]

Woo, finally figured out how to post to the community.

I suck with deadlines, but my story will be up within the weekend, I promise.

(please don't lynch me)
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[22 Sep 2006|05:24pm]

Title: The Lay of James Madrocke
Author: jamaillith
Character, Pairing: James Madrocke (Jamie Madrox)
Rating: PG
Summary: A life in eight acts.
Recipient: apathocles
A/N (or, A Warning): This fic contains a blatant disregard for continuity, coherency, historical accuracy and/or plot. I doubt this is the last I'll be hearing from James, so take it with a pinch of salt (or snuff- whatever floats your galleon).

Sin is relative.Collapse )
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Succubus [22 Sep 2006|12:24pm]

For sionnain *blows kisses* I love you!

Magneto/Rogue, gen

Maria D'Acanto is a Succubus, and St. Augustine is no place for Witchbreed.

SuccubusCollapse )
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"Crosses," for Artaxastra [22 Sep 2006|12:01pm]

Author: Ion Bond (merctionicht@yahoo.com)
Title: Crosses
Rating: R
Words: 2000
Pairing: Mystique/Destiny, Black Widow/Mystique
Recipient: artaxastra
Note: These characters do not belong to me.

Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go.Collapse )
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Operation Mindfuck [Javier/Fury] [22 Sep 2006|07:39am]
[ mood | discordian ]

Title: Operation Mindfuck
Author: Alexander the Drake
Recipient: catalystparadox
Disclaimer: Carlos Javier, Sir Nicholas Fury, and the severed head of Doctor Stephen Strange all belong to Marvel Comics. I have no intention of touching them again. Especially not the head.
Rating: F for Fnord

Summary: There is a man. There is another man. One of the men screws the other. The severed head watches, silent.

Only three letters distinguish Jacobean from Jacobin.Collapse )

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Delight in Disorder for scoured [22 Sep 2006|09:30am]

[ mood | good ]

Title: Delight in disorder
Author: sionnain
Character, Pairing: Natasha, Natasha/Otto Von Doom
Rating: R for mentions of sex and revolutions!
Word Count: 3289
Summary: They’d come to Transylvania on a whim, hearing of unrest and tensions between the Hungarians and the Turks. Sure enough, the land was a powder keg of turmoil, and awaited only the strike of the match to set it ablaze.
Recipient: scoured

AN: Written for scoured in the 1602ficathon, who requested Post-series Doom/Natasha. They can plan and execute nefarious deeds, with the crew of the Fantastick and most everyone else halfway around the world. I wanted to find something historical in which Doom and Natasha could have conceivably been involved. The following tale of intrigue and revolution in the principality of Transylvania, a pawn between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, seemed just the thing that might interest the two of them.

Thanks to carlos_thedwarf for looking this over for any historical inaccuracies, and to kethlenda for the beta. Fear my newly acquired knowledge of Transylvanian history! The title is a poem by Robert Herrick, a 17th century poet.

A terrible beauty born...Collapse )

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Leap of Faith [23 Sep 2006|12:01am]

Title: Leap of Faith
Author: st_aurafina
Recipient: atdrake
Request: "Signs and Wonders" - a religious movement among the common people, arising from the witnessing of increased manifestations of the Holy Spirit, by which the faithful shall know God. Bonus points if they preach a mid-millennial apocalypse and visit the ungodly with explanatory pamphlets. And dinosaurs.
Rating: G
Characters: Kurt Wagner, Sean Cassidy, assorted X-Men, Morlocks and villains
Notes: Thank you to lilacsigil and silver_apples, both kind and thoughtful beta readers.

Leap of FaithCollapse )
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A Devil and Two Kings [22 Sep 2006|10:11pm]

Title:A Devil and Two Kings
Characters: Daredevil, Kingpin
Rating: PG for violence
Summary: Wilson Fisk thinks himself the equal of kings, and perhaps only a devil would dare disabuse him of such a notion.

Many thanks to likeadeuce for a wonderful beta and to st_aurafina for sensory input.

A Devil and Two KingsCollapse )
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