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I think I'll just go kill myself now.

Why did I sign up for 2 ficathons? 

Oh, right. Because I'm insane.

Title: On awaking from Meditation
Author: ethereal_vision
recipient: jezrana
Characters: Carlos Javier, Enrique, Scotius  
Rating: pg  13
Summary: Carlos and Enrique plan for a future that Scotius destroys.

Enrique swept into the study with a scroll in an ink stained hand. Carlos glanced up from his own writing, which was covered by the other man's parchment.

"This estate could be used much like a monastery, Carlos. All you need is to find those of God's gift."

Carlos studied Enrique's writing, listening to the tempo of the other man while reading the scroll as best he could.

"Must you always write in Hebrew?"

Enrique smirked and bent over Carlos, kissing him hard, Charles braced himself in his chair best he could.

It was the loud, angry thoughts that made him stand, pushing Enrique away. Enrique blinked, but the erratic movements of the other man made him overcome any thoughts of rejection. Carlos was already halfway out the door,clasping his cloak. Enrique followed suit quickly.

Scotius ran for his life. He held both hands out in front of him, fear making him oblivious to the danger of running into the sea. He could survive crashing waves and salty depth, but the turmoil of the crowd following closely behind was no match for the boy. He screamed for his mother, for sanctuary, to God, for a miracle. 

Large hands clasped him around the waist. Scotius lashed out, yelling yet.

"Be silent."

The command in the voice silenced Scotius. He heard foliage rustling, and twigs brushed against his face. A softer voice close to his ear spoke to him kindly.

"What angers the village so, my son?"

Scotius's soul trembled at such concern.

"Me, sir."

The darker voice muttered something not directed at the young man. The softer voice asked another question.

"And what aspect of you makes for such violence?"

"My eyes, Sir; they are Satan's work. Hellfire beams burst forth when I open them."

"Will you follow me to my monastery? I shall provide sanctuary for you as long as you desire."

"Will I not burst into flames or be struck down by God for entering a holy place with my demonic affliction?"

The dark voice snorted and spoke to him.

"You are not beastly, boy. God has blessed you with a gift that must be kept. He wouldn't strike down his own creation."

Hope filled Scotius's soul, where once there was despair and hatred for his impurity.

Scotius knew the names of his saviors now. Knew how to recognize their differences in more subtle ways than their speech. Enrique had a darker presence, a heavier footstep that suggested some worldly weight. Carlos seemed to pad silently, the hem of his cloak or rustling of tunic the only give-away, reminding Scotius strongly of the first monk he'd ever met when he was a babe.

Enrique presented Scotius with a cloth one day.

"This cloth has been blessed by Carlos and I, and is made from the hide of a most wondrous creature not imaginable to most. It should conceal your eyes well enough to open them. 

The cloth encircled his head and was knotted tightly. Cautiously, he opened one eye and saw a dark red glow. Relieved, he opened his other eye. A stick was pressed into his hand. 

"This you shall use to find your way like the blind."
Scotius walked the estate every day, smelling the ground, plants and sunshine. He no longer feared accidentally wishing to see something and destroying it. Carlos has taught him to envision God's beauty as he remembered it. Heavy footfalls behind him made him smile.

"It's a good day to be alive, is it not?"

Scotius asked, tilting his head to the side, listening to Enrique's breathing. It seemed slightly irregular.

"Indeed it is."

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